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This study aimed to investigate the photocatalytic and photodynamic actions of a 2,6-diiodinated-BODIPY (2,6-diI2-Bod) photosensitizer (PS) covalently linked to TiO2 nanoparticles (NPs). The TiO2 NPs were synthesized utilizing the hydrothermal technique, yielding an average particle size of 4–5 nm as ascertained by transmission electron microscopy and 6.4 nm as determined by dynamic light scattering measurements. The integration of the nonsoluble Bod PS to TiO2 NPs provided increased dispersibility in physiological media, making it more applicable to photodynamic therapy applications. Bod-TiO2 NPs exhibited moderate efficiency of 56.9% in singlet oxygen generation. Additionally, the photocatalytic behavior of the TiO2 NPs was evaluated using methylene blue and 83.8% photodegradation efficiency was observed. The loading efficiency and loading content of the Bod PS were found to be 90.8% and 54.5%, respectively. These results suggest that Bod-TiO2 NPs possess higher dispersibility in aqueous solutions, moderate photocatalytic activity, and potential for photodynamic therapy applications.


Titanium dioxide, photocatalyst, BODIPY, photosensitizer, photodynamic therapy

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