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Cu0 NPs supported on tungsten (VI) oxide (WO3) were in situ generated from the reduction of Cu2+ ions during dehydrogenation of dimethylamine borane (DMAB). The Cu0/WO3 NPs displayed tangible catalytic activity in H2 (g) releasing reaction and they were identified by using advanced techniques. Cu0/WO3 NPs were found as active catalyst providing one equiv. H2(g) per mole of DMAB. The results from TEM images display the formation of Cu0 NPs with an average particle size of 4.6 ± 1.0 nm on the surface of WO3. Moreover, Cu0/WO3 NPs with various metal loadings were prepared and tested as catalyst in dehydrogenation reaction to find the optimum metal loading on WO3 support. The highest H2 generation rate was achieved for 4.0% wt. Cu0/WO3 catalyst with TOF value of 39 h?1 in the reaction conditions. Additionally, effect of various catalyst concentration and temperature is discussed on the reaction kinetics for reaction catalyzed by Cu0/WO3 NPs.


H2 (g) generation, dimethylamine borane, Cu0 nanoparticles, tungsten(VI) oxide, heterogeneous catalysis

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