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In this study, some of the critical fundamental properties, which are holding importance in usage areas, of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film were studied by embedding size-graded and polydopamine-coated halloysite nanotubes into the polymer matrix. This concept evaluated the importance of the well-dispersion of nanoparticles in the composite system and interfacial adhesion between nanofiller and polymer matrix on the degree of crystallinity and mechanical properties. For this purpose, halloysite nanotubes, coated with polydopamine and size graded afterward, were integrated into the LDPE matrix by the twin-screw extrusion process, following which, nanocomposite films were prepared by film-blown technique. Both effects of halloysite nanoparticles, having the polydopamine layer on their surface and size-graded, on properties such as mechanical strength, thermal feature, and degree of crystallinity, of those directly acting on the usage goals of LDPE-based films, were tested.


Low-density polyethylene, halloysite nanotubes, polydopamine, mechanical properties, degree of crystallinity

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