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The goal of this research is to see how the amount and particle size of calcium carbonate (CaCO$_{3}$) used in the foamed layer in use for PVC-coated textiles affects the thermal properties of the material. Two different particle sizes were used at various concentrations. The impact of different CaCO$_{3}$ loadings and particle sizes on the PVC foamed layer's thermal properties were examined. Thermogravimetry (TGA and DTG) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) measurements were utilized to investigate the thermal properties of the PVC foamed layer and the samples have been also characterized by FTIR spectroscopy. According to the findings, the thermal stability of the foamed layer was improved with the addition of calcium carbonate. Through the higher surface area between the filler and the PVC matrix, smaller particle sizes have produced the best results. The PVC foamed layer shows also changes in FTIR spectra after adding CaCO$_{3}$, and the intensity of peaks increases with decreasing CaCO$_{3}$ particle size.


Synthetic leather, filler, thermal stability

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