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Energy storage by supercapacitors with short charging time and high power density is one of the types of electrochemical storage systems. Perovskite oxides have been significantly investigated as promising materials for energy storage in electrochemical systems. In this study, three perovskites, SrFeO3, SrCoO3, and SrCo0.5Fe0.5O3, were prepared using the sol-gel method and used as supercapacitor electrode materials. In fact, in this research, two consecutive elements (Fe, Co) from the periodic table that differ by one unit in atomic number are placed in the perovskite structure to study their electrochemical properties for use in supercapacitors. From the obtained results, it was found that Co doping with a ratio of 1/1 (Co/Fe) at B site of SrFeO3 reduced the specific capacitance from 101.687 F g-1 to 60.912 F g-1 at a scan rate of 10 mV s-1. Also, the specific capacitance of SrCoO3 decreased from 68.639 F g-1 to 60.912 F g-1 at the same substitution rate at B site.


Supercapacitor, perovskite, oxygen vacancy, partial substitution, electrochemical performance, electrode materials

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