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Polydentate, unsymmetrical, and multi metal ion sensing Schiff bases comprised of ferrocenecarboxaldehyde attached azomethine group at one side and aromatic aldehyde linked imine on the other side have been synthesized. Cumulative addition of different metal salts solution to receptors solution, changes the electronic spectra contrarily and for the addition of Cu2+ ions, generation of MLCT charge transfer band responsible for the coordination of metal ion with a receptor is observed. Electrochemical data (ΔEp) arrived from the cyclic voltammograms suggest a quasi-reversible process. The modest concentration of metal ions required for effective sensing by the sensory material is calculated from the Ipa values observed for metal ion added and metal free sensor solutions. Inhibition zones noticed in in vitro analysis for two fungi, two gram positive and two gram negative bacterial stains interpret that the new compounds possess high antifungal activity. Binding energy calculation using molecular docking software also ascertains the antifungal bustle.


Azomethine, cation sensors, binding attitude, molecular docking, MLCT band

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