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The production methods of semiconductor nanomaterials with new shapes and different compositions form the basis for the creation of high-performance structures in numerous applications. Kesterite structured materials are among these inorganic semiconductors and are suggested to be promising energy materials for the future. In this study, quaternary Ag2MnSnS4 nanocrystalline rods have been successfully synthesized for the first time by the colloidal hot-injection synthesis route and well-organized rod-like nanocrystals (NCs) with lengths ranging from 200 to 350 nm and widths from 10 to 30 nm were obtained. For this structure, the Ag2MnSnS4 exhibits a semiconductor property with a band-gap of approximately 1.3 eV. The optical properties and band-gap values were determined by UV-Vis absorption spectrum and using Tauc Equation. It has been observed that the Ag2MnSnS4 structure acquired by the proposed colloidal synthesis method can be an alternative to the commonly used materials based on Cd and Pb.


Ag2MnSnS4, AMTS, kesterite, nanorod, hot-injection

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