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Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) has a specific unpleasant odour and is profoundly toxic with an odour threshold of around 7-12 ppb. In this study, the removal of DMDS was investigated by adsorption on activated carbon cloth (ACC) in the gas phase. Kinetics and isotherm studies were performed. Adsorption kinetics followed by GC-MS and the data were processed using different models. When correlation coefficients (R2) of linear regression analysis are analyzed, it is seen that the concordance of experimental data to the pseudo-second-order equation is quite good. Isotherm data have been examined using Freundlich, Temkin and Langmuir models. The regression coefficient (R2) of data to fit the Langmuir model is 0.9993, which means that the fit is very good. The monolayer adsorption capacity (qm) of DMDS has been calculated as 118 mL.g-1 according to the Langmuir model.

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