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A method for separation and preconcentration of Cu(II), Ni(II), and Cd(II) using N-N'-bis(5-methoxsalicylidene)-2-hydroxy-1,3-propanediamine modified silica gel was improved for aqueous samples and pharmaceuticals. Determination of the analytes was achieved by inductively coupled plasma optic emission spectrometry. The experimental conditions including pH value, sample volume, eluent type and volume, sorbent mass, sample, and eluent flow rates were optimized with univariate and multivariate optimization tools. The relative standard deviations of the method were 2.9% for Cu(II), 3.0% for Ni(II), and 3.3% for Cd(II) with recovery values between 98.8 ± 3.2-101.5 ± 3.0%. The limits of detection were found to be 62.4, 39.5, and 28.2 ng L-1 for Cu(II), Ni(II), and Cd(II), respectively. The accuracy of the suggested procedure was tested with the certified reference material (Certipur ICP multi-element standard solution IV) and addition-recovery experiments. The method was successfully applied to eye drop, anesthetic, serum, tap water, mineral water, and spring water samples.


Solid phase extraction, Schiff base, water, pharmaceuticals, preconcentration, silica gel

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