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In order to improve the efficiency of the alkylation reaction to aromatic hydrocarbons and propylene, different types of catalysts were screened, including ultra-stable Y molecular sieves (USY), solid phosphoric acid (SPA), ZSM type molecular sieve (HZSM), etc. The effects of reaction temperature, catalyst loading, and reaction time on the conversion rate of aromatic hydrocarbons and the selectivity of target products were investigated using the high-pressure reaction device. The catalysts were characterized by XRD, BET, SEM, FT-IR, NH3-TPD, and other methods. The experimental results show that the USY catalyst exhibits higher catalytic activity for alkylation. This catalyst can be used for the alkylation of different aromatic hydrocarbons. Good conversion and selectivity can be obtained. Futhermore, in a six-cycle experiment, the USY catalyst was reused without loss of efficiency.


Aromatic hydrocarbon, propylene, alkylation, molecular sieve catalyst

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