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Mixed-phased InxSey thin film containing InSe, In2Se3 and In6Se7 phases was prepared by M-CBD method and characterized by X-ray diffraction, AFM, optical spectroscopy and J-V measurements. Structural, optical and electrical conductance properties were modified by annealing the films at different temperatures. Optical and morphological properties were also investigated dependently on temperature and concentration of cationic precursor solution. It has been observed with annealing that, the compositions of the phases changed, particle sizes increased, energy band gaps decreased and electrical conductivity increased. The photoconductivity of thin film was revealed by J-V measurements and slightly increased by annealing. From temperature-dependent J-V measurements, activation energies (Ea) were calculated in low and high temperature regions and, found to be 0.03 eV for low temperature region and 0.8 eV for high temperature one.


Thin films, InSe, J-V measurements, M-CBD, XRD, AFM

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