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Many natural compounds have excellent activity against different bacteria. However, their food use to inhibit the bacteria is often limited by poor water solubility, or instability to light, heat, oxygen, and other environmental factors. Cyclodextrin combines with these natural compounds could not only overcome these shortcomings, but also increase the antibacterial ability of active compounds. This review focuses on the following aspects of active natural compounds in cyclodextrin-based food: the preparation, food applications, and their possible antibacterial mechanisms of different systems. Both cyclodextrin and its derivatives are able to selectively combine with different guest molecules, such as terpenes, phenols and flavonoids, as well as essential oil and other plant extract. Finally, the opportunities and future challenges of active natural compounds in cyclodextrin-based food are outlined and proposed.


Cyclodextrin, active natural compounds, system, antibacterial activity, mechanism

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