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The aqua-bis(ethylenediamine)-chloro-copper(II) chloride complex, [Cu(en)2 (H2O)(Cl)]Cl (1), was synthesized by direct interaction of CuCl2×2H2O with pepa (pepa is a polyethylenepolyamine containing ethylenediamine (en)). The crystalline complex 1 was characterized by IR spectra and structurally studied. Crystals of this complex consist of the [Cu(en)2(H2O)(Cl)] + discrete cations, whose Cu2+ ion is chelated by two en molecules. The Cu(II) coordination polyhedron has the shape of an elongated square bipyramid, in which four nitrogen atoms of the -NH2 groups of en molecules form the base of this bipyramid, and the oxygen atom of the water molecule and Cl- are in its apical positions. Three-dimensional framework 1 is formed due to hydrogen bonds O-H...Cl and N-H...Cl. The Cu(II)-(H2NC2H4NH2) chelation was studied by DFT using the 6-31G* basis set. The calculated electron-stereochemical parameters are in good agreement with the ability of complex 1 to simultaneously be a flame retardant and a curing agent of epoxy resins.


Copper(II) chelate complexes, synthesis, X-ray crystal structure determination, IR spectroscopy, DFT calculation

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