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This paper includes the result of the first study of the chemical composition, antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and antidiabetic activities of the essential oils of Glebionis coronaria (L.) Cass. ex Spach and Glebionis segetum (L.) Fourr. from Turkey. In the current study, nine and twenty-eight constituents were determined in the essential oils of aerial parts of G. coronaria (GCE) (92.1%) and G. segetum (GSE) (90.0%), respectively. The main components were capillin (65.9%) in GCE, capillene (53.4%) in GSE. The essential oil compositions were evaluated and compared with previous researches. In the current study, the plants are classified as chemotypes of Glebionis species. GCE and GSE showed poor and very poor DPPH radical scavenging activity, respectively. GCE and GSE exhibited significant and strong antiinflammatory activity against the 5-lipoxygenase enzyme, respectively. Also, GCE and GSE displayed moderate and weak antidiabetic activity against the α-glucosidase enzyme, respectively. Polyacetylenes were determined as the main class of compounds in GCE and GSE and had a notable antiinflammatory activity.


Glebionis coronaria, Glebionis segetum, essential oil, chemotype, antiinflammatory activity

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