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This work describes the synthesis of mixed oxide film of vanadium and ruthenium by pulsed deposition technique on multiwall carbon nanotubes and the decoration of gold nanoparticles on the mixed film. A ternary electrocatalyst has been developed for the electrochemical oxidation of hydrazine by combining two metal oxide mixtures with Au nanoparticles. Surface morphology and chemical composition of the electrode have been examined with SEM, EDX, HRTEM, EIS, and XRD. The peak current of hydrazine increased 9 times at the AuNPs/(VOx-RuOx)/CNT/GCE compared to the bare GCE, and the peak potential shifted to negative 848 mV. Linear sweep voltammetry (LSV) and amperometric techniques revealed that the AuNPs/(VOx-RuOx)/CNT/GCE displays linear concentration range 2.5-10000 μM (LSV) and the concentration range 0.03-100 μM (amperometry). The limit of detection (LOD) is 0.5 μM and 0.1 μM at (S/N = 3) for LSV and amperometric technique, respectively. The results obtained show a good RSD% of 2.1%-3.2% and reasonable recovery of 97%-108% of hydrazine detection.


mixed vanadium oxide and ruthenium oxide, gold nanoparticles, hydrazine, pulsed deposition, amperometry

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