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Every year, tuberculosis affects the lungs of millions of people and rifampicin is the commonly used medicine for its treatment due to its antibiotic nature. The frequent use of rifampicin may lead to its increased concentration in the water resources. This research work is focused on the cloud point extraction (CPE) procedure for the preconcentration of rifampicin prior to its determination in water. The UV/vis spectrophotometric method was adapted for the measurement of rifampicin content after the phase separation. Triton-X 100 was used as the nonionic surfactant which contains hydrophilic polyethylene chain feasible for the extraction of analyte. Various analytical parameters that can affect the extraction efficacy were optimized to achieve linearity of the proposed method in the concentration range of 3.54-81.41 mgL-1. The Limit of detection and quantification were 1.261 and 4.212 mgL-1, respectively. The Preconcentration factor was 40 with relative standard deviation (%RSD) of 2.504%. The standard addition methodology was adopted for the validation of this procedure and effectively applied for the determination of rifampicin in real wastewater samples.


Antibiotic, cloud point extraction, preconcentration, rifampicin, wastewater

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