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A new technique for sensing Ga(III) concentration based on polyvinyl alcohol-citrate capped gold nanoparticle-p-aminohippuric acid hybrid (or three-layer core-shell configurations) has been demonstrated. The p-aminohippuric acid capped citrate-gold nanoparticles were comfortably agglomerated in the presence of Ga(III), and the color of the reaction quickly turned from red to violet or blue. Under the detection conditions, a good linear relationship was ideally obtained between the ratio of the absorbance intensity at 620 nm to that at 520 nm (A620/A520). The linear response range, the detection, and quantification limit was 34.9-418.3 μg/L and 7.6 μg/L, and 25 μg/L, respectively. To reflect the accuracy, the developed sensing approach was evaluated against certified reference materials (TMDA 51.3 fortified water and TMDA 28.3 fortified water). This colorimetric strategy was displayed excellent selectivity for Ga(III) over other examined ions. Additionally, the colorimetric method was properly used to detect the concentrations of Ga in tap water and certified reference material samples with recoveries ranging from 95.4 to 102.0%, displaying that the colorimetric procedure could be safely used for a realistic application.


Gallium, gold nanoparticles, p-aminohippuric acid, colorimetric sensor, water analysis

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