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In this study, rhenium/rhenium oxide nanoparticles (Re / ReO$_{3}$ NPs) have been produced for the first time in ultrapure water by using Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid (fsPLAL) method. X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) measurements and results obtained for NPs show the existence of well-crystallized peaks and preferred phases. Re NPs have hexagonal structure while ReO$_{3}$ NPs have the perovskite-like cubic crystal structures. The Re / ReO$_{3}$ ratio is also determined to be 53 / 47 with ~ 20 nm crystallite size, while pure ReO$_{3}$ crystallite sizes were measured to be ~ 25 nm. The TEM results have shown that the produced particles have a spherical shape, and particle sizes changes between ~ 20 nm and ~ 60 nm. The crystallite size is similar due to XRD results. Obtained nanoparticles exhibit promising applications for photonic devices with broad bandgap values which have measured to be 4.71 eV for Re / ReO$_{3}$ NPs mixture and 4.36 eV for pure ReO$_{3}$ NPs.


Rhenium nanoparticles, ReO$_{3}$, oxide nanoparticles, laser processing, pulsed laser ablation

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