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In this study, we report a simple and economic one-pot synthesis of magnetite (Fe3O4) nanostructure and its modification with tetraethyl orthosilicate by coprecipitation method. The synthesized (Fe3O4@SiO2) nano sorbent was applied for enhanced adsorptive removal of methylene blue by ultrasonic wave driven batch experiments. After successful synthesis, the nanostructure was characterized for their physical structure by FT-IR, VSM, TEM, and XRD. For the maximum adsorptive performance of nano sorbent, various parameters were optimized, such as dose, pH, time, concentration, and temperature. The adsorption mechanism was best fitted by Langmuir isotherm with a maximum capacity of 148.69 mg/g, while kinetics best fitted by pseudo-second-order kinetic. The synthesized nano sorbent was successfully applied for enhanced adsorptive removal of toxic methylene blue from aqueous media. The proposed method is promising and effective in terms of simplicity, cost operation, green energy consumption, reproducible, excellent reusability, and magnetically separability with fast kinetic.


Ultrasonic wave, Fe3O4@SiO2, methylene blue, tetraethyl orthosilicate

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