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Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a polymer that is widely used as a carrier for drug delivery systems (DDS). A library of N-PEGylated quinoline derivatives of PEG molecular weight 200 was prepared rapidly after the activation of PEGs using maleic anhydride. Quinoline with a polymer backbone is essential as new material. PEG is a water-soluble nonionic polymer approved by food and drug organizations for medicine applications. Because of its nontoxic grapheme, it is widely utilized in numerous biochemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and industrialized applications. The modern SwissADME is a web tool that stretches free admittance to a pool of hasty, yet solid, clarifying models for physicochemical properties, pharmacokinetics, and therapeutic science. The present facile synthetic strategy can be a practical approach for incorporating polymeric carriers conjugated with drug moieties, either in the backbone of the polymer or as a terminal and pendant group on the polymer chains.


PEGylated quinoline, breast, colon cancer, P-glycoprotein, cytochrome P450 enzyme

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