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In this study, the synthesis, characterization, and properties of a short oil length chain--stopped(rapid) alkyd resin is investigated. Gum rosin modified alkyd resin (RA-GR) was prepared using soybean oil, phthalic anhydride, glycerin and gum rosin acid. An alkyd modified with benzoic acid (RA-BA) was also prepared for comparison. FTIR analyses and GPC measurements of the alkyds were used for characterization. Other properties such as the viscosity, acid value, and solid content of the final resins were determined. Separately, the synthesized resins were used in paint formulations without any changes in other parameters such as filler, airdrying agents, solvents, etc. Paints were applied to metal and glass surfaces and the effect of gum rosin was investigated by looking at touch and hard drying times, adhesion to metals and gloss changes. Compared to the benzoic acid modified resin (RA-BA), gum rosin modified resin (RA-GR) exhibited remarkable positive effects on the paint with a better adhesion to the metals, and short drying times without any loses in the glosses.


Alkyd, chain-stopped(rapid), condensation polymerization, gum rosin, paint

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