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In the present work TiO$_{2}$ nanotubes (TNT) have been synthesized by alkaline hydrothermal transformation. Then they have been doped with Gd element. Characterizations of doped and undoped TNT have been done with TEM and SEM. The chemical composition was analyzed by EDX, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy. The crystal structure was characterized by XRD. Carbon paste electrode has been fabricated and mixed with Gd doped and undoped TNT to form a nanocomposite working electrode. Comparison of bare carbon paste electrode and Gd doped and undoped TNT carbon paste electrode for 1.0 × 10$^{-3}$ M K$_{4\, }$[Fe(CN)$_{6}$] voltammetric analysis; it was observed that Gd doped TNT modified electrode has advantage of high sensitivity. Gd doped TNT modified electrode has been used as working electrode for itopride assay in a pharmaceutical formulation. Cyclic voltammetry analysis showed high correlation coefficient of 0.9973 for itopride (0.04-0.2 mg/mL) with a limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitation values (LOQ) of 2.9 and 23.0 μg.mL$^{-1}$ respectively.


Gd-TiO$_{2}$ nanotube, hydrothermal, cyclic voltammetry, itopride, nanocomposite electrode

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