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Two newly synthesized Schiff bases DMCA and DMBA were used for selective detection of Cd$^{2+}$ over a wide range of other metal ions in acetonitrile (ACN)/ Tris-HCl buffer (10 mM, pH 7.32, v/v 2:1). The sensors can detect Cd$^{2+}$ ions by colour changes from colourless to orange for DMBA and yellow to reddish for DMCA. Response of the probes towards metal ions was investigated by using UV-vis spectroscopy. The complex stoichiometry between the sensors, DMBA and DMCA, and Cd$^{2+}$ was found to be 2:1 and the binding constants were calculated to be 2.65 x 10$^{12}$ M$^{-2\, }$and 4.95 x 10$^{12}$ M$^{-2}$, respectively.$^{\, }$The absorbance-based detection limits of DMBA and DMCA were calculated as 0.438 μM and 0.102 μM, respectively. The sensors were also successfully applied to real samples.

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