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PAn (polyaniline) and PAn/ZnO photocatalysts were synthesized using chemical polymerization of aniline. The structure characterization of the synthesized samples was analysed by using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transforminfraredspectroscopy(FT-IR),scanningelectronmicroscopy(SEM),transmissionelectronmicroscopy(TEM), and UV-Vis spectroscopy measurements, and thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA). The photocatalytic activities of PAn and PAn/ZnO (0.1g/100ml) on the degradation of the Congo red (CR) dye were studied under the UV visible light irradiation and the lightless environment and the efficiency of catalysts have been explained in details. Contribution of UV visible light irradiation on the 100% degradation of CR dye for the PAn and PAn/ZnO photocatalyst is determined. The reaction kinetics and effect of pH (pH 4 and pH 10) were investigated by using first order kinetic model. According to the experimental results, photocatalytic reaction rate of Congo Red increased in acidic environment and under UV visible light irradiation.


Congo red, photocatalytic degradation, lightless, UV-vis light irradiation

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