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In this paper, a fast, cheap, simple, sensitive and selective spectrophotometric method based on high spin peroxo-Fe(III)-EDTAcomplexinthealkalinemediumwasdevelopedforthedeterminationofhydrogenperoxide(H$_{2}$O$_{2}$) in real water samples. The purple-coloured complex with a maximum absorbance at a wavelength of 525 nm was formed. Various parameters such as type of stabilizer reagent and its concentration, reaction time, Fe(III), EDTA and NH3 concentration were optimized. The method was confirmed with the Beer?s law with a molar absorption coefficient of267.36Lmol$^{-1}$ cm$^{-1}$ in the 8.3×10$^{-6}$ -4.08×10$^{3}$ mol/L concentrationrange. Sandell's sensitivityoftheproposed method was also calculated as 0.188 µg/cm2. LOD and LOQ were determined as 2.5 ×10$^{-6}$ and 8.3 ×10$^{-6}$ mol/L, respectively. Intraday and interday relative standard deviation of the proposed method for 2.0 × 10$^{-4}$ mol / L of H2O2 were found as 1.5% and 6.1%, respectively. The developed method is suitable for fast monitoring of H$_{2}$O$_{2}$ in different types of aqueous water samples without any sample preparation steps and acceptable recovery values between 90% and 118% were obtained. In the sample analysis, H$_{2}$O$_{2}$ removed solutions from the real water samples were used for blank correction in their analysis and this process provides more reliable and accurate results in real sample analysis.


Hydrogen peroxide determination, high spin peroxo complex, spectrophotometry, real water samples

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