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Recently, membrane-based separation processes, particularly electrodialysis, have attracted attention for the separation and purification of organic and amino acids from animal feedstock waste. In this study, cation exchange membranes were synthesized by making a composite of thermoplastic polyurethane and polyaniline (PANI) via the doping of various aromatic sulfonic acids, such as ß -naphthol sulfonic acid and phenol sulfonic acid. The PANI was prepared using a standard method, which was further used in the composite blending at varying concentrations of 10%- 20%. The impact of the concentration of PANI and the nature of the dopant on the membrane characteristics were comparatively studied. The membranes were analyzed by electric conductivity, water swelling, morphological studies (SEM), and thermogravimetric analysis. The membranes were used for the separation of glycine hydrochloride via electrodialysis.

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