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The present paper aimed at the investigation of the effect of preliminary acid treatment on the structure and purity of extracted silica. In this study, the acid leaching of rice husk (RH) in 2 M hydrochloric acid solution before the calcination process at 600 $^{\circ}$C was proposed to achieve completely white silica with high specific surface area and low content of impurities. RH, selected from the Almaty Region, Kyzylorda Region, and Turkestan Region was used as the main silica source. The results confirmed that the highest purity (98.2%-99.7%) amorphous silica with a specific surface area between 120 and 980 m$^{2}$ g$^{-1}$ could be extracted during acid treatment and controlled calcination. The structure is amorphous, porosity diameter decreased from 26.4 nm to 0.9 nm, and specific pore volume increased from 0.5 to 1.2 cm$^{3}$ g$^{-1}$.


Rice husk, rice husk ash, silica, hydrochloric acid leaching

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