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The present paper describes the voltammetric analysis of dipyridamole (DIP) at a cheap, disposable pencil graphite electrode (PGE). The working conditions were optimized with regard to the electrode material and the supporting electrolyte. Cyclic voltammetric investigations emphasized that DIP is irreversibly oxidized at the PGE. The electrode process is pH-dependent and controlled by both diffusion and adsorption. For DIP quantitative determination a differential pulse voltammetric (DPV) method in phosphate buffer solution pH 7.00 was developed. DIP's oxidation peak current varied linearly with the analyte concentration, presenting two linear ranges, namely 5.00 $\times $ 10$^{-7}$-2.50 $\times $ 10$^{-5}$ M and 2.50 $\times $ 10$^{-5}$-2.50 $\times $ 10$^{-4}$ M, with detection and quantification limits of 1.21 $\times $ 10$^{-7}$ M and 4.03 $\times $ 10$^{-7}$ M DIP, respectively. The newly developed DPV method using the inexpensive, disposable PGE was successfully applied for the simple and rapid determination of DIP from pharmaceutical formulations.


Dipyridamole, voltammetry, disposable electrode, pencil graphite electrode, pharmaceuticals

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