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Boron-based materials are potential solutions in the field of energy. They have been regarded as hydrogen storage materials, liquid fuels of direct liquid-fed fuel cells (DLFCs), electrolytes of battery, and/or energetic substances. A typical example is sodium borohydride (NaBH$_{4}$. In sodium hydroxide-stabilized aqueous solutions, it is seen as an efficient H$_{2}$ generator or a performing fuel of DLFCs. Actually, it plays a wider role; it is also the precursor of several boron-based materials of interest in the field of energy. In other words, it is indirectly considered for other energy applications, i.e. solid electrolytes of all solid-state batteries and hypergolic fuel. De facto sodium borohydride has become a key material in the field of energy. This is discussed in the present article, and it is highlighted that sodium borohydride may be clearly seen as a ''rough diamond'' for Turkey.


Boron-based materials, direct borohydride fuel cell, electrolyte, energy, hydrogen storage, propellant, sodium borohydride

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