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Carmoisine (E122) is a synthetic azo dye that is generally used to give a red color to food products. In this work, a sensitive and simple method was developed for the determination of carmoisine based on cloud point extraction. To obtain the optimum conditions for the extraction efficiency of carmoisine, the effects of different analytical parameters such as H$_{2}$SO$_{4}$ concentration, concentration of Triton X-114, and equilibrium temperature were studied. The calibration graph was linear between 0.05 and 5.0 $\mu $g/mL and the detection limit based on three times the standard deviation of the blank was 7.2 $\mu $g/L. The method was applied under the optimum experimental conditions for the analysis of carmoisine in several drink samples and a medicine. The relative standard deviations of the determinations were less than 5%. The proposed method could be used as a rapid screening method for carmoisine detection in food samples.


Carmoisine, Triton X-114, cloud point extraction

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