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A new system was developed for the preconcentration and determination of cadmium levels in water following online cloud-point extraction and analysis by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The method uses cloud-point extraction of the complex formed between Cd(II) ions and the reagent 2-(5-bromo-2'-thiazolylazo)-$p$-cresol (Br-TAC) using Triton X-114 as a surfactant. The main steps of the procedure, extraction, filtration, and detection were conducted online. Parameters that influence the experimental conditions of online preconcentration systems were examined, including pH, concentration of reagent and surfactant, and flow of sample and eluent. The limit of detection of the method is 0.2 $\mu $g L$^{-1}$. The preconcentration system exhibits an enrichment factor of 19, an analytical frequency of 60 h$^{-1}$, and a consumptive index of 0.12 mL. The procedure was applied to the determination of cadmium levels in seawater samples.


Cadmium, online preconcentration, cloud-point extraction, seawater

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