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Oxidation of bisphenol-A (BPA) was investigated using a sonophoto Fenton-like hybrid process under visible light irradiation in the presence of iron-containing perovskite LaFeO$_{3}$ catalysts. For this purpose, firstly the perovskite catalyst (LaFeO$_{3})$ was prepared by the sol-gel method and calcined at different temperatures (500, 700, and 800 $^{\circ}$C). The prepared catalysts were characterized using XRD, SEM, FTIR, nitrogen adsorption, UV-vis DRS, and ICP/OES measurements. Among the prepared catalysts the catalyst that was calcined at 500 $^{\circ}$C showed better catalytic activity with respect to degradation and chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction (of 21.8% and 11.2%, respectively, after 3 h of reaction duration) than the other catalysts calcined at 700 $^{\circ}$C and 800 $^{\circ}$C. The catalytic activity of the LaFeO$_{3}$ perovskite catalyst calcined at 500 $^{\circ}$C was compared with that of a TiO$_{2}$ photocatalyst containing Fe and prepared by the sol-gel method. Better photocatalytic activity in terms of degradation of BPA, total organic carbon (TOC), and COD reductions was observed with the LaFeO$_{3}$ perovskite catalyst under visible light. The degradation, COD, and TOC reductions after 6 h of oxidation were 34.8%, 26.9%, and 8.8% for the LaFeO$_{3}$ perovskite catalyst, and 33.1%, 19.7%, and 4.9% for the Fe/TiO$_{2}$ catalyst, respectively.

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