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Solvent extraction of praseodymium(III) from acidic nitrate medium by the neutral organophosphorous extractants Cyanex 921 and Cyanex 923 in kerosene was studied. The effects of various parameters like equilibration time, nitric acid concentration, nitrate ion concentration, extractant concentration, temperature, and nature of diluents on the extraction behavior of Pr(III) were investigated. The extraction of 0.001 M Pr(III) was quantitative (93%) from the aqueous phase containing 0.001 M HNO_3 and 0.1 M KNO_3 using 0.5 M Cyanex 921/1 M Cyanex 923. On the basis of slope analysis, the compositions of the extracted species were formulated as Pr(NO_3)_3.2Cyanex 921 and Pr (NO_3)_3.Cyanex 923. The percentage of extraction of Pr(III) was found to decrease with increases in temperature. The standard enthalpy and entropy changes were negative owing to the complexation with decrease in randomness without a compensatory disruption of the hydration sphere of the metal ion. Mineral acids like hydrochloric acid (0.008 M) and sulfuric acid (0.03/0.02 M) were effective for the stripping of Pr(III) from the loaded organic phase with 0.5 M Cyanex 921/1 M Cyanex 923.


Solvent extraction, Pr(III), acidic nitrate, Cyanex 921, Cyanex 923, stripping

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