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The selective reduction of sulfur dioxide with carbon monoxide to elemental sulfur was studied over AC-supported transition-metal oxide catalysts. According to the study, Fe_2O_3/AC was the most active catalyst among the 4 AC-supported catalysts tested. By using Fe_2O_3/AC, the best catalyst, when the feed conditions were properly optimized (CO/SO_2 molar ratio = 2:1; sulfidation temperature, 400 °C; Fe content, 20 wt%; GHSV = 7000 mL g^{-1} h^{-1}), 95.43% sulfur dioxide conversion and 86.59% sulfur yield were obtained at the temperature of 350 °C. Catalyst samples were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction in order to relate the phase composition to the activation behavior and catalytic performance. The active phase of catalyst was detected as FeS_2, and the formation of FeS_2 was greatly dependent on the sulfidation temperature.

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