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A pH optical sensor was developed based on the use of a mixture of Malachite Green Oxalate and Bromocresol Green indicators immobilized in a triacetylcellulose membrane, which had been previously hydrolyzed. Requirements of the pH indicators were investigated, including the effects of the coupling pH, indicator ratio, and concentrations of the indicators. The pH sensor performed with a very fast response (10 s) and long term stability with no significant leaching of the dyes. The sensor had a linear response over a range of 6.6 pH units in the pH range between 0.4 and 7.0. A relative standard deviation of pH equal to 1.59% was obtained for 7 replicated pH measurements. The procedure for preparation of this optical sensor is simple, inexpensive, and rapid.


Mixed reagents, pH sensor, Bromocresol Green, Malachite Green Oxalate

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