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Allyl propionate-maleic anhydride-styren terpolymer has been modified with glycerin in order to prepare a new cross-linked functional polymer sorbent. The synthesized cross-linked polymer sorbent has a network structure and contains carboxylic acid, carbonyl, hydroxy, and ester groups, all of which are capable ofinteracting with metal ions. The sorption behavior of UO_2^{2+} ions under optimum sorption conditions was determined. The sorption properties of the sorbent were determined under different conditions by varying of the pH of medium, the sorbent weight, and the initial concentration of uranyl ions. The maximum experimental sorption capacity of the sorbent for uranyl ions was measured as 1.63 mmol g^{-1} (440 mg UO_2^{2+} g^{-1}). Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm constants and correlation coefficients for the present system were calculated and compared. Uranyl ions are desorbed from the sorbent by treatment with hydrochloric and nitric acids at various concentrations.


Adsorption; sorption degree; sorption isotherms; cross-linked terpolymer; uranyl ions.

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