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4-(Chloroacetyl)diphenyl ether (I) was synthesized from chloroacetyl chloride and diphenyl ether in the presence of AlCl_3 as catalyst in a Friedel-Crafts reaction. Subsequently, its keto oxime (II) derivative was prepared. Then 3 new substituted 4-(alkylaminoisonitrosoacetyl)diphenyl ether ligands derived from 4-(phenoxy)phenyloxylohydroxymoyl chloride and corresponding amines were synthesized. The following aromatic and aliphatic amines were used for the ligands ethanolamine, 2-amino-4-methylphenol, and 2-(aminomethyl) pyridine. Mononuclear or binuclear Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), and Cd(II) complexes of the ligands were synthesized. The structures of these ligands were identified by FT-IR, ^1H-NMR, and ^{13}C-NMR spectral data and elemental analysis, and the structures of the complexes were identified by FT-IR, ICP-AES, elemental analysis, and magnetic susceptibility measurements.

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