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This study illustrates a novel method for fast monitoring of tetracycline in flow-injection systems. The fast Fourier transformation, along with continuous cyclic voltammetry (FFTCV) at a gold microelectrode in a flowing solution system, was used for the determination of tetracycline in its pharmaceutical formulation. The benefit of the developed technique is that it is simple, precise, accurate, time-saving, and economical compared to all of the previously reported methods. The effects of various parameters on the sensitivity of the method were investigated. Three considerable advantages are demonstrated by this method, which other methods do not possess. Firstly, there is no requirement for oxygen removal from the test solution; secondly, a picomolar detection limit is gained; and, finally, rapid determination of any such compound in a broad range of chromatographic methods. As a result, the method was found to be linear over the concentration range of 16-440 pg/mL (r = 0.9962), with a limit of detection and quantitation of 4.5 and 16 pg/mL, respectively. Furthermore, the technique shows the requisite accuracy, sensitivity, precision, and selectivity to assay tetracycline in capsules.


Tetracycline, ultramicroelectrode, continuous cyclic voltammetry, flow injection analysis, fast Fourier transformation

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