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Plasma-initiated polymerization of (2-methacryloyloxyethyl) thrimethyl ammonium chloride (MTAC)) was studied. The effects of discharge time and discharge power on temperature in a tubular-type reactor chamber were accurately tested by on-line thermocouple, and the equation relating discharge time, discharge power and temperature in the tubular-type reactor chamber was derived. The results indicated that temperature played a very important role in controlling the solubility of Poly(MTAC) in water. For T \ge 130°, Poly(MTAC) was cross-linked, and the highest rate of absorbing water of Poly(MTAC) was 15 g · g^{-1}. For T < 130°, Poly(MTAC) was linear, and the highest intrinsic viscosity of Poly(MTAC) was 420.2 cm^3 · g^{-1}. The polymerization condition of linear Poly(MTAC) was optimized as follows: discharge time 60 s and discharge power 60 W.


Plasma-initiated polymerization, temperature, discharge time, discharge power

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