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BAsO_4 was previously synthesized by solid-state reactions at 800 °C and was characterized by X-ray powder diffraction. Now, we succeeded in preparing BAsO_4 from H_3BO_3 and As_2O_5 using hydrothermal synthesis by heating at 160 °C for 3 days (a single-phase product) and using microwave-assisted synthesis, which takes only 5 min to transform a solid mixture of As_2O_5 and (NH_4)_2B_4O_7.4H_2O into the crystalline titled compound (a single-phase product). The crystallinity of the products is higher than that of the solid-state synthesized product given in the literature. Its X-ray powder diffraction patterns, and both Raman and IR spectra were in good agreement with the literature.


Boron arsenate, BAsO_4, microwave synthesis, hydrothermal synthesis and X-ray diffraction

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