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The M(IN)_2Ni(CN)_4 [where M: Cu, Mn, Zn, IN: Isonicotinic acid, abbreviated to M-Ni-IN] tetracyanonickelate and some metal halide complexes with the following stoichiometries: Cu(IN)X_2 (X:Br,I), Cd(IN)_2X_2, (X:Cl,Br), and Zn(IN)_4X_2 (X:Br,I) were synthesized for the first time. Their FT-IR spectra were reported in the 4000-400 cm^{-1} region. Vibrational assignments were given for all the observed bands. The analysis of the vibrational spectra indicates that there are some structure-spectrum correlations. For a given series of isomorphous complexes, the sum of the difference between the values of the vibrational modes of uncoordinated isonicotinic acid that were coordinated to the metal ion isonicotinic acid was investigated and found to depend on the halogen for a given metal. The proposed structure of tetracyanonickelate complexes consists of polymeric layers of M-Ni (CN)_4 _{\infty} with the isonicotinic acid molecules bound directly to the metal (M) atoms. Certain chemical formulae were determined using the elemental analysis results.


Infrared spectra, isonicotinic acid, metal halide complexes, tetracyanonickelate complexes

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