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An isonicotinic acid N-oxide Zn(II) compound was characterized on the basis of elemental analysis. FTIR spectra of the compound and free isonicotinic acid N-oxide (INO) were recorded in the range 4000--400 cm^{-1}. Cathodoluminescence (CL) spectra from the Zn(INO)_2 complex were recorded. The luminescence data were interpreted in terms of the emission band at 470 nm. The green luminescence (\sim 470 nm) arises from Zn^{2+} transition ^4T_1 (^4G) \to ^6A_1 (^6S). It shows a weak vibronic structure, and short lifetimes less than 150 \mu s. The lifetime and intensity of the signal are temperature dependent, and the parameters are reported for the 470 nm emission line.


Isonicotinic acid N-oxide, Zn(II) complex, IR, Luminescence

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