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The determination of fluoride in some environmental samples was performed using a fluoride ion-selective electrode. Fluoride concentrations were determined in drinking waters (from different provinces, districts and villages in Turkey), fruit juices, bottled water samples, toothpastes and tooth powders, liquors of Turkish coffee, coffee, linden, rose hip, and various brand tea infusions, and dust samples collected from the Erciyes University campus car park. The average fluoride concentration in 39 drinking waters was 0.21 mg L^{-1} (0.02--1.42 mg L^{-1}); the level of dissolved fluoride in the dust samples was 1.39 \pm 0.09 \mu g g^{-1}; the fluoride concentrations in liquors taken from tea infusions for 20 min were in the range 55 to 445 \mu g g^{-1}; the mean value for fluoride in fruit juices was 0.23 mg L^{-1} (0.05--0.50 mg L^{-1}). The level in bottled water samples was 0.27 mg L^{-1} (0.04--1.47 mg L^{-1}). The fluoride concentrations in toothpaste samples were between 447 and 1400 \mu g g^{-1}. Its value for tooth powder was 795 \pm 73 \mu g g^{-1}. The fluoride concentrations obtained from the analyses of samples were compared with the permissible values given by the Turkish Standards for Drinking Water (TS 266) and the World Health Organization.


Fluoride, Water, Infusion, Tea, Toothpaste, Fluoride ion-selective electrode

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