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The FTIR spectra of 4-aminoquinaldine and 5-aminoquinoline were recorded in solid phase on a Bruker IFS 66V spectrometer in the region 4000--400 cm^{-1}. The FT-Raman spectra of these compounds were also recorded in the same instrument with a FRA 106 Raman module. The molecules under investigation are considered to have a C_{S} point group by assuming the --NH_{2} and --CH_{3} groups as point masses. All the vibrations are both IR and Raman active. The simple general valance force field (SGVFF) is adopted for both inplane and out of plane vibrations. All the frequencies are assigned in terms of fundamentals, overtones and combinations. The general agreements between the observed and calculated frequencies are satisfactory.


FTIR, FT-Raman, normal coordinate analysis (NCA), potential energy distribution (PED), and simple general valance force field (SGVFF)

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