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A simple, selective and rapid method for determining trace amounts of copper(II) ions in various types of water samples using atomic absorption spectrophotometry was investigated. Copper(II) ions from water samples were preconcentrated by solid phase extraction using octadecyl silica membrane disks modified with 3-{2-[2-(2-hydroxyimino- 1-methyl-propylideneamino)-ethylamino]-ethyl-imino}-butan-2-one oxime, (H_{2}mdo). The experimental conditions were optimized by changing several parameters such as volume of eluting solvent, the effect of pH, eluent flow rates, the amount of H_2mdo, breakthrough the volume, limit of detection and maximum capacity of the disks for Cu^{2+} recovery. The method was applied to the recovery of Cu(II) ions from seven different water samples and an international certified reference sample (SLRS-4), the method was also quantitative.


Copper, solid phase extraction, ultratrace elements, silica membrane

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