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From the aerial parts of Phlomis samia an iridoid glucoside, shanzhiside methylester (1), and three phenylethanoid glycosides, martynoside (2), 4''-O-acetylmartynoside (3) and samioside (4), were isolated. From the overground parts of P. monocephala two iridoid glucosides, lamiide (5) and ipolamiide (6), as well as three phenylethanoid glycosides, verbascoside (= acteoside) (7), forsythoside B (8), alyssonoside (9), and one lignan glucoside, syringaresinol 4'-O-\beta -D-glucopyranoside (10), were isolated. From the aerial parts of P. carica one phenylethanoid glycoside, verbascoside (= acteoside) (7) and three phenylpropanoid monomeric glucosides, syringin (11), dihydrosyringin (12) and coniferin (13), were isolated. The structures of the isolated compounds were elucidated by means of spectroscopic evidence. Phenylethanoid glycosides isolated from the title plants (2-4,7-9) demonstrated scavenging properties toward the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical in TLC autographic assay.


Phlomis samia, P. monocephala, P. carica, Lamiaceae, iridoid glucosides, shanzhiside methylester, lamiide, ipolamiide, phenylethanoid glycosides, martynoside, 4''-O-acetylmartynoside, samioside, verbascoside, forsythoside B, alyssonoside, phenylpropanoid monomeric glucosides, syringin, dihydrosyringin, coniferin, lignan glucoside, syringaresinol-4'-O-\beta -D-glucopyranoside, radical scavenging activity

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