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Hydrogen peroxide (H_{2}O_{2}) plays an important role in natural water samples. In this study H_{2}O_{2} concentrations were quantified in different water samples by chemiluminescence detection. This method was chosen because of its high sensitivity and suitability for determining low concentrations of H_{2}O_{2}. H_{2}O_{2} is introduced to the oxidation reaction of alkaline luminol solutions in the presence of Co^{2 + } ion catalyst. When these components are mixed, blue light (\lambda = 440 nm) is emitted. Maximum chemiluminescence intensity occurs within 2 s after mixing and is continuous for up to a few minutes, permitting accurate measurements at selected delay times. H_{2}O_{2} concentrations being very low in water samples made us use the standard addition method. Thus the sample luminescences were measured by the addition of 25 \mu L 0.075 M H_{2}O_{2} standard solutions. The H_{2}O_{2} content of water samples was between 0.13 mM (in snow water) and 1.51 mM (in Gölbaşı Lake water). The results indicated that H_{2}O_{2} concentrations in surface waters are representative of aquatic life.

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