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The UV-visible absorption bands of the new complex were obtained using p-amino-N, N-dimethyl aniline as an electron donor with ferric nitrate as an electron acceptor in methanol at 25°C. The values of association constant K^{AD}, molar extinction coefficient \varepsilon^{AD}, and absorption band energy of charge transfer complex h \varepsilon_{CT} were calculated. The ionization potential of the donor I^{D}, was calculated from the complex band energy. The kinetics of the above association reaction were studied. This reaction was found to be a first order. The values of the rate constant of the forward reaction k_{1}, the rate constant of the reverse reaction k_{-1}, and the half-life t_{1 / 2} were calculated.


UV-visible spectrophotometry, charge transfer complex, Benesi-Hildebrand, Scott, Foster-Hammick-Wardley, association constant, molar extinction coefficient, ferric nitrate, methanol.

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