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The extraction of copper(II) from the aqueous phase with pentaerythrityl tetrabenzylamine (PETBA), which was synthesized from pentaerythrityl tetrabromide and benzyl amine, was studied. The influences of ionic strength, extraction time, pH and temperature were evaluated. The extraction results showed that the ionic strength had no effect on extraction efficiency and that the extraction equilibrium was established in a few minutes. The extraction percentage was independent of pH up to pH 7.6 and then decreased gradually to zero at about pH 11.5. The stoichiometry of the compound formed was estimated to be Cu_2L(NO_3)_4, where L is PETBA. It was concluded that PETBA can effectively be used in solvent extraction of copper(II) from the aqueous phase to the organic phase.


Solvent extraction, copper(II), pentaerythrityl tetrabenzylamine.

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