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In this study, CaBPO_5 was synthesized by different solid state reactions than reported before and its X-ray powder diffraction and IR data were reported. In one of these solid state reactions BPO_4 was used as a phosphating agent. The examination of the X-ray powder diffraction data showed that this compound crystallized in a hexagonal system and the refined unit cell parameters were a = 6.684, c = 6.616(2) \AA, with Z=3 as reported before. From the observed reflections, the space group was determined as P3_121, and its density was found to be 3.15 g/cc. The X-ray powder diffraction and IR data, which were in agreement with the reported crystal structure, are given the first time in this work.


Ca, Phosphate, Borophosphate, CaBPO_5, X-ray Powder Diffraction, and Crystal structure

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